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Second grade continues student work begun in first grade. Increased emphasis is placed on listening skills and speaking skills. Second graders continue to improve fluency and comprehension. Students also work to increase their vocabulary and develop their ability to summarize what they have read. St. Therese Catholic School recognizes it is vital to develop and foster the desire to read by engaging students in daily reading for pleasure, information and as a major tool for learning. In second grade we begin to assist our students in making the progression from “What does the passage say? To “What does it mean?


Second Grade students begin to develop an understanding of writing process skills; prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. Students learn to utilize these skills for a variety of purposes, especially learning. 

In Second Grade, students not only work to improve their ability to compute accurately, they also develop an understanding of numbers, number systems, the meaning of operations, and estimation. Additionally students work on developing their understanding of measurement, patterns, and data collection.

Science, Social Studies and Health themes are presented and integrated in a variety of projects throughout the school year.

Integrated Art Projects highlight Second Grade curriculum. A Cast of Praying Hands for each child, Paper-Mache Gooney Birds, Gingerbread Houses, Easter Nests, Mother’s Day Cards and Bookmarks, Crosses for Easter, and Christmas Ornaments are some of the art projects students engage in.

It is at this level that we celebrate 1st Communicants at Mass with a breakfast and special dioramas.

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