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THIRD GRADE  (Grammar Stage)


We continue developing and fostering the desire to read by engaging students in daily reading for pleasure, information, and as a major tool for learning in all subject areas.

Third Grade students develop a mastery of listening skills and begin to apply those skills within an academic environment. Students are challenged to use listening skills for a variety of purposes, especially learning,

Students develop an understanding of and use writing process skills; prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. Students learn to utilize these skills for a variety of purposes, especially learning. They develop an appreciation of writing as a way of learning about one’s self and about the world.  It is one of the most effective tools for learning in all subject areas.   

All students deserve the opportunity to see themselves as writers. Students need to know that what they have to say is significant. Students will get ample opportunities for authentic writing -- writing that is useful and has meaning for them. 

The art of verbal communication is a lifelong skill which deserves attention.  Many children today do not have the opportunity of conversing at any length with adults, and sometimes not even with other children. Third Grade provides regular lessons in oral communication beneficial to many students. Topics could include tuning out distractions, maintaining eye contact, asking questions to clarify, enunciating, and using appropriate body language. Communication lessons would be reinforced throughout the week by carrying out what is learned during the sessions.


Math focuses on equivalent forms of whole numbers using expanded notation, decimals and fractions. Students are also expected to continue develop procedural fluency with arithmetic computation, basic operations and estimation. Students continue to develop their understanding of measurement, spatial reasoning, patterns, relations, data collection, and data interpretation.

Science, Social Studies and Health themes are integrated throughout the Third Grade program and within a variety of projects throughout the school year.

Prayer is an integral part of Third Grade (as it is with all grades).  Book reports include project and oral presentations. Students practice paragraph writing and speaking with emphasis on constant cursive writing. Students learn the states and capitals along with further Social Studies and Science facts.

Letter Grades and the Honor Roll are introduced at the Third Grade level.

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