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FIRST GRADE  (Grammar Stage)


Students are stimulated to do their very best work, to have fun, and always be motivated to learn.

Within the First Grade reading Program, students continue the work begun in Kindergarten mastering letter names, sounds, and building phonemic awareness.   First graders improve their decoding skills, fluency rate, and reading comprehension through both oral and silent reading. Students also begin to build an independent reading habit using Accelerated Reading.

First Grade students are introduced to writing process skills; prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. Students are encouraged to use these skills for a variety of purposes. Students work on mastering their D’Nealian handwriting and punctuation within the context of spelling, writing assignments, and other writing projects.

Many Science, Social Studies and Health themes are covered as presentations in first grade. Art processes are integrated into many student projects. 

Children grow and excel academically because of the program that is offered. This program is supported by: Saxon Math and Reading, McGraw-Hill Social Studies and Science, and a variety of other curricular materIals.

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