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Within the Kindergarten reading program, children are introduced to all letters of the alphabet and their sounds. They will also learn sight-word vocabulary to prepare for first grade.  Kindergartners also have the opportunity to work at their level and participate in small group activities to strengthen their emerging skills in reading. St. Therese Catholic School uses Saxon Phonics curriculum materials to support its reading program.  Students learn the basic D’Nealian handwriting and practice making all the capital and lowercase letters and numbers.


In mathematics, Kindergartners use manipulatives to learn basic concepts. Students order numbers, work on one-to-one correspondence, learn about coins, make patterns and act out story problems. St. Therese Catholic School uses Saxon curriculum materials to support its reading program.


Many Science, Social Studies and Health themes are covered as presentations. Art processes are integrated into many student projects. Students learn that following directions matters most, not just the product.


Kindergartners participate in a complete enrichment program participating in Physical Education, Spanish, Music, and Religion classes with Mass on Wednesdays. Children learn prayers and that participating in service projects extends our faith into the community and our world.


The Kindergarten instructional program includes the Standards determined by the State of Colorado and many of our activities help to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

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