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The physical education curriculum attempts to provide developmentally appropriate activities for each growth level. The year culminates in the Presidential Challenge assessment. Team competition sports is provided by our community if families decide to participate.

Primary: At his level, we develop balance, safety in running in large groups, gross motor skills in running, jumping, skipping, galloping and throwing mechanics. Basic fitness concepts are introduced. Games at this level include tag, counting by one’s, two’s, five’s and ten’s, throwing and kicking. Basic sportsmanship concepts are addressed and non-competitiveness is encouraged.


Intermediate: One of the main components at this level is the development of sport-related skills. These skills include: dribbling in soccer and basketball, throwing and kicking in football, the basic rules and strategies of a variety of sports and fitness concepts. Students should practice appropriate sportsmanship and cooperate with and help others. Competitiveness is stressed at an individual level. Student’s are always encouraged to do one’s personal best.


Middle School: The student at this level is encouraged to participate in activities that are of interest to them and will provide the best opportunities for life-long physical activity. Sports related rules and strategies are expanded upon allowing students to develop an appreciation for a variety of sports and activities. Fitness is addressed in a more detailed manner allowing students to develop personal fitness programs that provide for life-long interest.

Health and Hygiene are also a part of the physical education program. Appropriate concepts and activities are addressed usually when inclement weather inhibits outdoor activity.

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