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Giving Day Total

$50,140.03 Raised

33.4% of Goal

.Thank you to our generous donors:

American Fertilizer

American Septic & Sewer

Angelus Chapel

Anna Marie Perse

Anne Rossmeier

Antonio Manalo

Barbara Ridgway

Barbara Vincent

Bishop Stephen Berg

Bob Centa

Charles Dygert

Cheryl Hill

Christ the King Parish

Christina Esquibel

Dan Corsentino

Daniel Leetch

Daryle Mahaney

David Bleichrodt

David Montera

DC Private Security

Deborah Blevins

Diane Sumpter

DiSanti Farms

DiTomaso Farms

Dr. Kenneth Dernovsek

Dr. Michael Bryant

E.R. Glach

Edward and Virginia Shea

Elmer Villalon

Eugena Gersick

Fr. Carl Wertin

Fr. Donald Malin

Frank Drotar

Gino Carleo

Glen and Patricia Carlson

Greg Ragulsky

Herbert Brockman

Israel Ceja

Jacob Zuniga

James Jankowski

Jeff Musso Inc.

John and Kathryn Diefenderfer

John Pickerell

Josh and Janele Bruggeman

Judith Hastall

Karen Willis

Kathleen Rogers

Knights of Columbus #4286

Laura McMahon

Lauricella Photography

Laurie Sole

LDC Properties

Leslie Samberson

Lorraine and Jeff Dinero

Marcella DeFoe

Maria Arteaga

Mark Haering

Martha Kinnaird

Martha Nogare

Mary Ann Miles

Mary Jane Chargin

Mary Margaret Mirelez

McMahon Trucking

Melissa Esquibel

Melissa Farrell

Michelle Caligaris

Mike and Becky Cafasso

Montogomery Steward

More-Skinny Used Cars

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Reid

N.A.L.C. # 229

Nicholas Zyzda

Patricia Hegler

Patricia Sabatini and Steven Clayton

Paul and Christine Willumstad

Paula Padilla

Ray Watkins

Romy Nicoletta

Rosemarie and Daniel Offenhauer

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sarah Nelson

Sasha Chavez

St. Aloysius Church

Stella Martinez

Steve and Jane Olsen

Tamsin Silvas

Terrie Tafoya

Therese Cook 

Trish and Dan Ackerman

STCS Logo Small.png

St. Therese

Catholic School

Pre K - 8

Giving Day 2023

Special Thanks To Our Community Partners!

To continue to provide a strong Catholic education to
the children of our Diocese we need your financial
help. We are asking you to spread the word to
anyone and everyone who values what STCS has
provided to our youth in the Pueblo Catholic
community. We urge everyone to give from their
hearts and strong Catholic faith by donating to one
of the campaigns listed below:

General Operating Expenses

Textbooks & Curriculum Support

Activities Throughout the Year

Student Scholarships

Fine Arts Program


Donate Now

Help us make a difference


Thank you for your donation!

Giving Day

Giving Day - The Purpose & Power of your Donation

Your generous donation will be used to provide:

General Operating Expenses

Each month we pay an average of $50,000 towards staff, utilities, maintenance, etc.

Student Scholarships

Tuition assistance for families to ensure all children have access to a faith-based education

Textbooks and
Curriculum Support

Update textbooks and provide curriculum resources for teachers

Fine Arts

Supply supplies and instruction for visual arts programs & vocal and instrumental music classes

Activities for Students & Staff Throughout the Year

This includes Staff Lunches, Christmas Activities, Knights Run, and other events


Expand internet access and provide hardware & software for teacher and student use

Information Button

What is Giving Day?

Giving Days are 24-hour fundraising events aimed at bringing communities together to raise awareness for a specific cause, increase engagement, and drive donations. Our commitment to you as we move forward includes increasing transparency and strengthening the lines of communication within our community. The STCS Giving Day isn't just a fundraiser, it's going to be an annual event that's part of our much larger strategic plan, through which we intend to not only secure the resources we need to keep our school open but to also ensure that everyone is moving in the right direction throughout the entire year, every year, together. 

The St. Therese Catholic School of Pueblo's 2023 Giving Day is set for Friday, October 6th

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