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The method used for Spanish Language acquisition in K-5 grades is called TPR Story Telling. It is an instructional strategy based on Stephen D. Krashen and Tracy D. Terrell’s work in developing “The Natural Approach” and James Asher’s work in developing “Total Physical Response (TPR).” The goal is to allow students to learn a second language in much the same manner as they learn their first language; through the senses and comprehensible sensory input. This method was created in 1988 by Blaine Ray and it includes songs, stories and pictures in promoting long term retention of meaningful language.



Kindergarten: Students are able to say not only words, but full short sentences, answer questions, say “The Sign of the Cross,” and recite a small prayer to the Guardian Angel.

1st Grade: Students will comprehend and produce close to one hundred words and expressions which include colors, numbers, weather expressions, telling the date, answer simple questions with words or short sentences, say “The Sign of the Cross,” recite a small prayer to the Guardian Angel and pray the “Our Father.”

 2nd – 5th Grades: Students are to master the above mentioned inclusive and include time, grammatical structures (personal pronouns, verbs and conjunctions, possessive pronouns, and direct and indirect objects). Stories are used for students to act out, read and/or fill in the blanks review worksheet. Students will write short sentences expressing simple situations and feeling. They learn the above prayers along with the “Hail Mary”, “Glory Be” and small prayers to bless our food.

Middle School: Students will reach a required level to be successful in a High School Spanish class. They will learn the alphabet, colors, numbers, weather expressions, telling the date and time, and grammatical structures as mentioned above. Students will understand, sustain and write correctly full conversations of common situations in their age groups, express feelings and ask for directions. Students will be expected to recite all of the above mentioned prayers.

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